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Building bright futures for teens through tech.

We believe every young person deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams. But teens from disinvested communities often don’t have access to the tech tools, training, mentorship and career opportunities they need to succeed.

With your help, we’re changing that.

In partnership with nonprofits and other community organizations around the country, Best Buy has developed programs that help teens in disinvested communities explore technology and discover what’s possible. These programs provide teens with hands-on, high-tech experiences, introducing them to inspiring mentors, and connecting them with real-world career opportunities — all in a safe and supportive environment. The Best Buy Charity Classic is our signature fundraiser, and your support makes a real, positive and lasting impact on teens participating in these programs.

Best Buy Teen Tech Centers

Best Buy Teen Tech Centers provide tech access, training and mentorship to young people in disinvested communities.

Teen Tech Centers are collaborative learning environments that set teens on a path to pursue their dreams.

Best Buy currently has 35 Teen Tech Centers open and has committed to having at least 100 of these sites by 2025.

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Career Pathways Program

Combining intensive technical and workplace training with paid internships, our Career Pathways Program ensures teens are ready for future in-demand careers. The program currently serves more than 300 teens across 16 Teen Tech Centers, with plans to expand the program to the entire Teen Tech Center network in the coming years.

Best Buy Scholars

To support students and build a diverse talent pipeline across the country, Best Buy, in partnerships with the United Negro College Fund and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, has established the Best Buy Scholars program. The program will support 24 scholarships for HBCU students over the next eight years, and two University of Minnesota students each year in perpetuity.

Geek Squad Academy

Geek Squad Academy camps, which began in 2007, are two-day, tech-intensive programs held across the country and online. They are designed to light a spark in younger teens, with the hope of igniting their passions and interests in technology-related education and careers.

National and Community Partner Network

Through grants from the Best Buy Foundation, our network of nonprofit partners reaches thousands of youth every year with innovative tech education and career exploration programs.

Together, we’re creating tech access for teens.

With support from our partners, the Best Buy Teen Tech Centers are unleashing the limitless possibility of teens through tech access, training and mentorship.

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